Quality Índex

A simple and effective solution

Get in touch with your client

To know your costumer, your best strategy

  • The alternative to the traditional polls for a quality index
  • It is a new system to get, directly from the costumer, quality index
  • This information is requested through tablets sited on strategic points with no human influx
  • All the information goes to central servers assigned to the database
  •  Through this database you can resolve all the queries in order to get the desired results.

A simply, effective and engaging user experience

  1. An easy to use tool
  2. Low cost
  3. Simplicity process for full results
  4. Answers without influence from human factor
  5. It gives an innovative image to the company
  6. We can reach all kind of costumers and get a huge number of inputs
  7. It works 365 days at year
  8. You can organize and create the questions following your company interest

Continuity all along the time

Using the tablets, we can get a continuous flux of information and the acquiring of results is in real time directly to the server

A dynamic and flexible service

Inversa Global’s Quality Index has a friendly user system where you easily can create, modify and planning the questions and tablets for every kind of company.

System alerts configuration

Quality index allows you have a quick response from negative opinions from our clients. With an alarm system directly to our smartphone.

How does it works?

  1. Generate a poll
  2. Create questions in order to know your customer opinion
  3. Organize and synchronize:
  4. The group of questions you want to be shown in each tablet.
  5. Get your results
  6. In real time. The answers are filed directly to the server
  7. Create your reports:
  8. With the gathered answers, easily create your reports in order to analyse your company




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